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We Create the Lifestyle, You Keep the Memories

In today’s society it is said that we have forsaken the village for the metropolis, turning our neighbors into strangers, and losing the word “community” from our lexicon. We see things differently...


Neighborhood Lifestyle Communities are places people come to live and play, to make friends, and to raise families. Places that residents are proud to call home. They are the village of yesterday re-imagined for today’s lifestyle.

“We have one simple purpose; allow our residents to enjoy life, the community they live in, and the atmosphere we silently create.”

Kraig Carmickle, LCAM
Chief Executive Officer

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Evergreen Connections

Check out our latest newsletter, Evergreen Connections - Summer 2017! In this edition, we featured many of the wonderful things that have happened around ELM over the past several months, including the growth of the company, fabulous lifestyle events, a defibrillator-carrying drone, and much more!